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As one of Macau’s most diversified business groups, the HN Group (formerly Nolasco) penetrates the social lives of people in different aspects.  With its offices in Macau, Hong Kong, and China, as well as a well-established global network, the HN Group is able to offer effective one-stop service to its customers.   Evolving with market changes, and new businesses to cope with net market needs, the HN Group operates businesses that touch many aspects of daily Macau life.
Founded in 1920 to import Portuguese products to Macau, the HN Groups business grew over the years.  In 1983, the Company was acquired by Novel Group from Hong Kong, and began its vast expansion into other business areas.  Today businesses include retail and distribution, services industries, health care, construction and engineering, and sustainability activities.  Regional coverage includes Macau, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.  Additional offices will be added soon.

The HN Group closely cooperates with both foreign and mainland companies.  The Company has been successful in introducing advanced foreign technology to Macau.  In addition, it is actively involved in the surging economy of China, setting up branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.  With a solid foundation, rich resources, excellent management and valuable experiences, the HN Group is determined in maintaining excellence in all sectors of its business.

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